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I’d like to tell you about both my approach to music, as well as what makes my teaching style different than other guitar teachers.

As with many things in life, I believe that balance is essential. I designed so that more guitar players like you can gain access to the skill it requires to sound good on your instrument, and to have a complete understanding of what you are playing. Anxiety and fear are the biggest obstacles when playing music, but if you know your instrument well, have trained your ear, understand how the theory works, and have memorized the chords or licks in a song, you’ll instantly have an advantage in delivering a quality musical performance.

I offer two services: traditional one on one guitar coaching and an interactive online class for those who prefer that option. The basis for both of my teaching platforms focuses on mastering the fundamentals of music, as well as technical performance and improvisation. 

I have helped thousands of people achieve real progress through social media groups, my YouTube channel, online video coaching, and of course lessons at the music store locally, and my home studio. I acknowledge that there are many different types of teaching styles; I have had dozens of music teachers and wouldn’t be where I am today as a guitarist without that wide variety of education. This classroom was created because I love music, I take it seriously, I have a lot of fun every single day, and if you’re ready, I'd love to help by sharing my guitar reality with you. Thanks for reading. Take care.



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